With the new initiatives in place, varied expertise / technology in possession and taking the lead, Avexa Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is now on the mission of creating Global Infrastructure to enhance its performance. Avexa Corporation Pvt. Ltd is in the process of getting ISO 9001: 2000 Certification for all fields of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering works including design.

Building & Industrial Structures

Avexa Corporation has a talented team with technical proficiency, resources and knowledge to design, construct and execute complex civil infrastructure, ensuring exceptional quality, safety and sustainable working practices. Avexa takes pride in the company’s reputation for completing the project before deliverable timeline with utmost integrity and transparency. We are using proven modern technologies like pre-casting and other modern construction technologies.

Water & Irrigation

There is a growing challenge to provide quality water to rapidly increasing Rural & urban population with efficient water supply, drainage and wastewater management systems. Avexa Corporation has been promoting sustainable water management – an important and complex task as natural resources continue to deplete and demand rises. Avexa Corporation provides solutions for every need regarding the use of water, be it domestic, agriculture or industrial.


Avexa Corporation offers integrated solutions for basic and detailed engineering, system integration, and technical specification to meet power plants’ requirements in terms of technology, standards, specification, and quality. The expertise includes conceptualization, detailed design, project planning, procurement, erection and commissioning of thermal (coal & gas) and hydro power projects etc.


Avexa Corporation has acquired invaluable expertise in handling projects in the field of Construction of Bridges, Pile and Well Foundations, Construction of Roads, Paver Block pavements. By combining valuable global insight with hands-on local experience, we help our clients address the challenges they are facing, at any stage of the life-cycle of infrastructure development – from planning, strategy and construction through to operations and hand-back. We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels.


Avexa Corporation is well experienced in exploring and mining industries; the effective exploration relies on integrating knowledge and experience from a wide variety of terrains and techniques. Our team of in-house geologists and associates can manage your exploration project from inception, through target definition, to resource development, and eventually through to extraction.